Quest ESP

Quest ESP (Employer Solutions Portal) is a system provided by Quest Diagnostics.  DrugPak has the capability to deliver result data to Quest ESP through the Quest ESP account of an MRO.  This delivery structure requires configuration of an MRO Vendor record in DrugPak and also configuration of Result Letter Report Routing for contacts.

NOTE: This article describes the process for delivering Quest ESP files directly to Quest ESP.  DrugPak can also produce result data files in the Quest ESP format for delivery via SFTP which can then be uploaded to Quest ESP manually or through other mechanisms.  See the "Routing Result Data via SFTP" article for information on this topic.

Configure MRO Settings

NOTE: Create the reporting rule in the Parent company that will be utilizing Quest ESP. Use the Apply to children locations/companies option to propagate the rule to the Children companies/locations.

1. From the main menu click on Vendors, then click on"Medical Review Officers".

2. Locate the MRO to be configured and click on the MRO's name link.

3. From the MRO window, select the "Quest ESP" tab.

4. Enter the Provider Reference and the MRO's email address, click the <Save> button to save the record.

NOTE: Quest Diagnostics will provide the user with a Client Reference Id that will be placed into the Provider Reference field. It should be 8 characters or less.

Configure Report Routing Rule

1. From the Company Overview window, select Reporting.

2. Click the <Add New Routing> button.

3. The "Add Report Routing" window will be displayed.

4. Select a valid contact from the Contact drop-down list and from the Report drop-down list select the Result Letters. Click the <Next> button.

5. Select Quest ESP for the Method, click the <Next> button.

6. Select Every Report under the How Often option and click the <Next> button.

7. Select the "Apply to children locations/companies" option.  Accept the default values for Delivery Options of All by clicking the <Save> button.

8. If the rule add was successful, the following rule will be displayed on the Reporting Window's "Routing" tab.

Delivery - Error Notifications

Deliver and/or Error notifications will be displayed in the Notification Center.