Manage File Types

The settings in Manage File Types are global to DrugPak and apply to all workstations in a DrugPak network.  It is not possible to configure these options to work in different ways at different workstations.

Document Manager relies on other Windows software to display documents.  Because of this Document Manager can only display types of files that could otherwise be displayed at that computer.  Many common file types are already configured in Document Manager but you may find it necessary to add new file types or change settings for existing file types.

Manage File Types is available in the Document Manager menu at the top of DrugPak.  Use the arrows to browse the existing types or click the plus button to add a new file type.  The File Type field refers to the file extension (typically a three letter code found at the end of a file name, this code is often hidden in many views in Windows, you can normally see the file type by observing the file properties), for example JPG, PNG, TIF, etc.


Viewer is a setting that controls how the document is displayed. 

The options for Image Viewer and Internal Browser are similar, in that they both cause the file to display within DrugPak's View/Edit Documents window, the difference between the two is how they invoke the Windows software to display the document.  If you want to display the documents inside of DrugPak, in many cases either of these options will work, if one does not, try the other.

Windows Default Handler causes the document to be opened in software outside of DrugPak and is often considered convenient so that the document can be worked with outside the DrugPak window.

Specific Application allows you to specify an application that will be used to open the indicated file type.  Like the "Windows Default Handler" this will cause the file to open in software outside of DrugPak.  When selecting this option choose the application by browsing for the application file.


There are a set of options specific to Document Manager that are found in the Document Manager menu > Preferences.  

Document Directory: Defaults to a sub-folder of your installation of DrugPak named "docmgr_images".  DrugPak will automatically arrange documents under this folder in sub-folders that are named by year, month (number) and date.

"Do not prompt user for confirmation if only one specimen match found"  When a saving a document after entering keys, Document Manager will display a list of any record that matches the key.  If this item is turned off then this window will always display, if this window is turned on then if only one record is found then this window will not display.

"Warn during key entry if no link was made"  If this option is turned on then if no link is established after entering keys then a warning is displayed.

"Examine results collected in the last ## days"  This setting limits the scope of result records that Document Manager will look through when attempting to link to a result record, this is based on the collection date of the result.

"Wait for image after scan is complete ## seconds"  This setting is intended to help where some scanner TWAIN drivers require some time after having scanned documents before those documents are available to be acquired by Document Manager.

"Lock documents when viewing in the document viewer"  This setting will help prevent multiple users from attempting to enter keys into the same document at the same time.

"Automatically enter current date when date key is blank"  When this setting is turned on, if a key is a date-type, when entering keys for that document, if that key is initially blank, clicking into that field will cause today's date to be inserted automatically.