Preparing DrugPak Classic data for migration to DrugPak Web

In order to execute the data import DrugPak Software Engineers will need:

  • A full copy of the DrugPak Classic installation (see "Locating the DrugPak Classic Installation" below)
  • A copy of the C:\Windows\Ads.ini file from any workstation that is able to operate DrugPak Classic

The copy of DrugPak Classic and the Ads.ini file can be delivered to DrugPak Software Engineers via a USB drive shipped to

DrugPak, LLC
Attn: Data Import
8001 Conner Road, Suite A
Powell TN 37849 

It is encouraged that the copy of the DrugPak Classic installation is encrypted.  Please provide DrugPak Support with information about opening the encrypted package (i.e. method of encryption and password).

Locating the DrugPak Classic Installation

DrugPak may be installed at a computer or at a server in the network.  To locate the folder where DrugPak is installed to, in DrugPak click into the Help menu > About. 

At the top of the window next to the label "Data Dir" the location of the installation is displayed as a link.  By default this folder is normally named "DP50" or "DrugPak". 

Click the link next to "Application Dir".  This will open the Windows Explorer and will display the installation folder (in this example the folder is named "dp50").

The copy should include the entire contents of this folder including all sub-folders.