DP Web Overview

DP Web contains all the features needed to administer a drug and alcohol testing program, whether as a single, self-administering employer or as a service agent managing hundreds of programs.

DP Web makes it easy to create pools, add participants individually or in bulk, build consortia, define testing frequency and selection percentages or fixed amounts, monitor the actual testing that takes place against the selections made, and create regulatory compliance reports.

As a hosted solution, DrugPak web relieves you of the worry of maintaining and upgrading your computer software and hardware systems. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection.  You can use DP Web on any modern desktop, tablet computer, or smartphone.  DrugPak Web is a component of our overarching hosted application framework, Screenhubb.  Custom extensions we design for you would also run on Screenhubb, and enjoy these same features and benefits.

Organizing your data

DrugPak Web organization hierarchy is extremely flexible. You can create multi-tiered organizational structures with arbitrary grouping and sub-grouping of entities to  exactly match your own organizational chart.




The DP Web Dashboard provides instant access to your most important metrics and most common actions.


The Dashboard Notification center provides at-a-glance access to pending actions.

User Access Controls

Access Level controls determine which applications, features, and data subsets each user can see. 

Client Portal

The Client Portal is a branded website that provides your clients the ability to access their information via a web interface that you can customize with your own brand name and logo. The client portal provides for on demand reporting and automated-reporting setup, company and location overviews, contact management, random profile (view only), participant add, change, and bulk upload, results view/print.

 Testing Programs

DrugPak Web provides the user with a simple, easy to use, wizard driven Random Profile creator and Follow-Up Testing Schedules. Consortium creation is simple and fast.

Random Profiles

DrugPaks Random Selection Profiles handle every conceivable scenario. Schedules can be created to remind user of Random Pulls. Random pulls can be executed at any time by user. Short fall calculations are provided and users can make adjustments to random pull numbers

Follow-Up Testing

Follow-up testing can be schedule and tracked.