Technical Support Policy

Effective 5/18/2018

DrugPak, LLC ("DrugPak") will deliver technical support services as described in this Policy ("Technical Support Services") for its software product or services in accordance with the terms of this Policy.
DrugPak Technical Support's mission is to help its customers make the best use of its software products and services through effective and responsive support, active advocacy, and a broad and flexible range of self-help resources. In support of this mission, the following services and policies set the expectations for your relationship with DrugPak Technical Support.

Technical support will be performed in a timely and professional manner by qualified support representatives familiar with the DrugPak software and services.
This Policy covers the following:
  • What Are the Technical Support Services?
  • What Products and Services are Supported?
  • What Subjects are Eligible for Technical Support?
  • Who May Contact Technical Support?
  • How Do I Access Technical Support?
  • When May I Access Technical Support Services?
  • What Are My Rights Regarding My Feedback?
  • Additional Limitations to Technical Support Services
  • Alternatives to Technical Support Services
Note that the provisions and definitions of your subscription or license agreement supersede any conflicting terms in this Policy, except where otherwise noted.

What Are the Technical Support Services?

DrugPak Technical Support Service is composed of Self-Service and Agent-Assisted support services.

Self-Service Support
To further DrugPak’s goal of fully-empowering its customers, DrugPak ensures that answers to the most common software & service usage questions are available to you 24/7/365 via the Screenhubb Knowledge Center.
The Screenhubb Knowledge Center provides a searchable online database of hundreds of technical support topics, instructional videos, and troubleshooting guides.
Access to Knowledge Center topics may be restricted based upon your current software & service licenses.
If you are unable to find an answer to your question in the Knowledge Center, you may request assistance from a DrugPak technical support agent by creating a ticket in the Technical Support Portal.

Agent-Assisted Technical Support
All agent-assisted support issues are managed online through DrugPak’s online Technical Support Portal Prior to seeking Agent-Assisted Technical Support, it is expected that you will make a reasonable effort to search the Knowledge Center for answers to your questions.
Under this policy, DrugPak’s support agents may:
  • Identify the appropriate software procedure, feature, products, or additional services that are best suited to address the particular type of analysis or functionality that is requested.
  • Address specific questions and concerns that are related to the installation and maintenance of DrugPak Desktop software, where appropriate.
  • Isolate, document, and find circumventions for reported software defects.
  • Work with DrugPak software development staff to provide appropriate fixes for your software or the services provided to you, as DrugPak deems appropriate.
  • Provide a broad overview of hardware tuning, operating-system modifications to accommodate DrugPak Software Suite applications’ system requirements.
  • Provide software updates, maintenance tools, utilities, and bug fixes, as appropriate
  • Refer you to pertinent DrugPak Technical Support self-help support materials, when an appropriate resource exists
  • Address questions about DrugPak’s printed or online documentation by providing additional examples, if necessary, or explanation for concepts that require clarification.
  • Answer specific questions about the software details of procedures (for example, discussing available features, options, and limitations).
  • Answer general questions about the software architecture, security, etc.
  • Refer you to external resources to learn more about pertinent subject matters
  • Request that you take additional actions in order to be able to provide further assistance, including, but not limited to
    • Take additional steps to verify your identity
    • Identify what search terms you have used in the DrugPak Knowledge Center prior to requesting agent-assisted support
    • Read or view additional materials that may be available the DrugPak Knowledge Center
    • Install all available software updates for DrugPak software, or your operating system
    • Temporarily disable any & all security devices such as firewalls and anti-virus software
    • Provide supporting information, such as screenshots, log files, data files.
    • Independently install and operate unsupported software tools at your own risk

What Products and Services are Supported?

Desktop Applications
Desktop application Technical Support Services are currently available for DrugPak Software Suite versions 6.1.x and greater.
DrugPak provides maintenance for the DrugPak Software Suite through replacement executable modules, or hot fixes, that might be supplied individually or in installation modules. To stay informed about new hot fixes and to learn how to receive notifications when they are available, visit
As part of resolving a technical support issue on any DrugPak desktop software products, you may be required to upgrade the software to the most recent version, or install and run additional software, tools, and/or utilities at your own risk, and whose continued use is not covered by this Technical Support Policy

Online Applications and Services

What Subjects are Eligible for Technical Support?

DrugPak Technical Support Services are intended to provide users with sufficient informational resources to ensure successful operation of the software in accordance with its documentation and intended design. Subjects that are covered by our Technical Support Service include:
  • Inquiries related to identifying the appropriate DrugPak services, products, software features, or additional services that are best suited to address a particular type of analysis or functionality
  • Inquiries related to the installation and maintenance of DrugPak Desktop Software
  • Inquiries related to best practices for accommodating DrugPak Desktop Software system requirements.
  • Issues related to DrugPak software defects or malfunction including
    • Error messages generated by the software
    • Software freezing, hanging, failing to load, or failing to respond to user input
    • Software behaviors that are inconsistent with the documentation
  • Inquiries related to questions about software features, options, or observed behaviors that are not fully documented in the Knowledge Center
  • General questions about the software architecture and system security
  • Questions about recommended practices and procedures for successful use of the software that would be applicable to all users of the software.

Who May Contact Technical Support?

Organizational Access to Support Services
Your organization is only eligible to receive Technical Support Services if you remain current on all applicable licensing and maintenance fees due and/or payable to DrugPak, and are otherwise compliant with your obligations to DrugPak.
Violation of any of the terms of this Policy may result in the indefinite suspension of your organization’s access to Technical Support Services, at DrugPak’s sole discretion.
If your organization is not entitled to receive Technical Support Services, DrugPak may still elect to provide Technical Support Services as a courtesy, at DrugPak’s sole discretion. Courtesy support services may be discontinued at any time without notice.

User Access to Support Services
In order to gain access to DrugPak Technical Support Services, you must register your organization by creating a free Screenhubb account at
DrugPak Technical Support Services are available only to your Screenhubb Account Administrator(s), and other authorized users within your organization. You can manage the list of your authorized users in the account settings on the DrugPak technical support portal at
Only members of your organization may be authorized for access to DrugPak Technical Support Services. You are prohibited from allowing a third-party (e.g.: your vendors, your customers, your consultants, etc.) to access Technical Support Services without DrugPak’s express written permission.

How Do I Access Technical Support?

Technical Support Portal Functionality
All Agent-Assisted technical support issues are managed through the DrugPak Technical Support Portal web application located at
The Technical Support Portal is designed for full functionality from any web browser, allowing you to:
  • Manage your contact information
  • Add authorized users
  • Create new support tickets
  • Modify existing tickets
  • Attach files to tickets and download files from tickets.
Some, but not all DrugPak Technical Support Portal web application features can be accessed via email or telephone.

Email-Based Support
When used properly, the DrugPak Technical Support Portal’s email interface is a convenient method to communicate with the DrugPak Technical Support team. All email-based support is processed through a single email address:
This singular e-mail address is used to route all of your customer service and technical support requests into your account history in the Support Portal. There, all communications can be centralized and available to team members in DrugPak’s support, sales, and administrative teams.
Important Note: Email-based technical support is only available via the DrugPak Technical Support Portal email address This Policy prohibits you from sending emails regarding specific Technical Support issues directly to individual DrugPak staff members, or to any other other email address on the or domains. Violating this Policy limitation will result in significant service delays and is likely to interfere with the quality and continuity of DrugPak Technical Support Services.

Email Preauthorization
In order to manage technical support tickets via email, your email address must be associated with an authorized user within the DrugPak Technical Support Portal.
When tickets are updated by DrugPak Technical Support support agents, all authorized users attached to the ticket will receive an update via email. When you reply to such an email, your response will be appended to the ticket history. It is important that you do not modify the subject line of the original email, otherwise the system will not be able to route your response to the appropriate ticket, which may result in significant delays. Any files attached to a ticket by DrugPak Technical Support agents will NOT be forwarded to you via email.
To create a new technical support ticket, you may send an email to, and a new ticket will be created with a title based on your subject line. It is important that you do not send a "new" email regarding an existing support ticket. Doing so will result in multiple tickets existing for the same issue, which may result in significant delay and can negatively impact the continuity of service.
File attachments under 10MB will be attached to the ticket associated with the e-mail. Larger files will be discarded without notice.

Telephone-Based Support
The DrugPak Technical Support Service does not include live telephonic access to a support agent. On a case-by-case basis, individual DrugPak Technical support agents may elect, at their own discretion, to place an outgoing call to the authorized user associated with a support ticket.
Creating a Ticket via VoiceMail
To ensure fastest service, you should use the DrugPak Technical Support toll-free technical support number only if you are unable to access DrugPak Technical Support support services via a web browser or email.
Our toll-free technical support phone number is intended for requesting technical support for new issues only.
To request technical support for a new issue you may call DrugPak’s toll-free technical support line at (800)-321-7826 to leave a voicemail. If the originating phone number is available via caller ID, and that number is associated with your account, the DrugPak Technical Support automated system will attempt to generate a ticket for you, attaching the voicemail audio recording.
If the system is unable to identify an account from an incoming call, a DrugPak Technical Support agent will listen to voicemail and attempt to manually identify your account in order to create a ticket.

Support Ticket Resolution DrugPak will attempt to resolve your problem by any of the following:
  • Providing assistance with the operation of the software or services via the DrugPak Technical Support portal.
  • Developing a workaround or advising best practices in order to avoid a particular problem;
  • Enabling customers to develop their own workaround based upon the advice provided;
  • Logging enhancement requests for products.
The problem will be considered closed when:
  • Assistance, advice, or a workaround has been provided that should enable the user to the complete their work using the facilities of the product;
  • When a support incident has been left open pending a response from the customer for more than 7 days.
  • If it is determined that the problem or product is not covered by the Technical Support in this policy.

When May I Access Technical Support Services?

You may submit a trouble ticket or access the Self-Service Support at any time. Normal operation hours for Agent-Assisted Technical Support are 9am-5pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday. Agent-Assisted Technical Support is not available when the DrugPak Technical Support office is closed due to planned holidays or weather-emergency.

What Are My Rights Regarding Feedback?

DrugPak reserves all rights in all suggestions, input, feedback, and other information relating to DrugPak and its software products or services that you provide to DrugPak while receiving Technical Support services. DrugPak may use all such information or feedback for any business purposes whatsoever.

Additional Limitations to Technical Support Services

Technical Support may be denied for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Failure to abide by any provisions of this Policy, or any other DrugPak Policy.
  2. Requesting assistance on topics that are not listed in the What Subjects are Eligible for Technical Support? section of this policy.
  3. Requesting assistance not described in the Agent-Assisted Technical Support section of this Policy.
  4. Use of the product in a manner other than as authorized in the applicable license agreement
  5. Problems related to your specific configuration, implementation, or intended use of DrugPak software or services that DrugPak determines are not generally applicable to its overall customer base
  6. Issues related to the behavior of third-party products, services, add-ons, plug-ins, frameworks, or templates used within the products that were not purchased directly from DrugPak.
  7. Issues pertaining to any version of DrugPak products or services for which Technical Support Services have been discontinued by DrugPak
  8. Issues related to beta releases, utilities, or other products provided by DrugPak at no charge.
  9. Anecdotal reports of problems for which substantial corroborating evidence cannot be produced by the user
  10. Problems which cannot be reproduced on-demand, and which do not occur with sufficient frequency as to gather sufficient diagnostic evidence.
  11. Issues which do not substantially interfere with the user’s ability to use the products or services.
  12. Problems directly related to documents, files, stylesheets, schemas, custom reports, filters, queries, billing rules, etc., that you have authored, designed, or created via your utilization of the product, or in order to control the behavior of the product
  13. Concerns regarding the design of the software, including
    1. The presence of any feature, capability, limitation, or behavior of the system which is performing as intended
    2. The absence of any feature or capability which DrugPak has made no claim to exist, or which previously existed and which DrugPak has elected to remove from the system
  14. Issues related to the user’s expectations regarding software or service speed, performance, or throughput rates where DrugPak has not expressly guaranteed specific performance levels.
  15. Unreasonable use or abuse of DrugPak Technical Support service, as determined by DrugPak in its reasonable discretion. Examples of such use include:
    1. Requesting assistance in, or revealing an intention to engage in any action that is deemed by DrugPak management to be illegal, immoral, or unethical.
    2. Uncooperative, argumentative, unprofessional conduct by the customer that substantially interferes with DrugPak’s attempts to resolve an issue
    3. Conveying any message, whether express or implied, via any means or medium, which DrugPak management in its best judgement deems threatening, abusive, obscene, sexually suggestive, disrespectful, or denigrating
    4. Failing to provide information requested which a support agent has determined is required to resolve your issue; providing untruthful answers or falsified information to a support agent
    5. Providing untruthful answers to a support agent's pertinent questions, or withholding pertinent information which should reasonably have been volunteered.
    6. Failure to perform the diagnostic or corrective actions recommended or identified by a support agent as being necessary or advisable
    7. Generating a high volume of support interactions regarding questions whose answers are readily found among DrugPak Technical Support self-help resources, or concepts which would be reasonably apparent after reading the pertinent system documentation
    8. Directly contacting DrugPak staff at their individual corporate email addresses or phone numbers regarding support issues, rather than via the methods provided for in this Policy

Alternatives to Technical Support Services

DrugPak Technical Support is just one element of our comprehensive portfolio of expert services that can address any needs you have that are not covered under this Policy.

End-User Training
End-user training provides for real-time interaction with one or more of your users for the purposes of providing in-depth overviews, demonstrations, instruction, review, or discussion of the software’s documented features.

Consultation & Data Analysis
One of our implementation specialists will help you achieve your unique implementation goals by helping you determine how to best configure your settings and feature options, and to develop procedures, workflows, and practices in order to achieve desired outcomes with your specific data.

Custom Programming & Data Manipulation
If you have urgent need for features that are not available in the current version of the software, one of our consultants will work with you and our software engineers to develop a custom programming quote. Your quote will include will include a technical specification and delivery timeframe for your approval.

To learn more about these additional services, contact our sales department at