Viewing ScreenHubb in Compressed mode on a Tablet or Smart Phone

ScreenHubb will consolidate the main menu when viewing the application on a device that compresses the browser window.  This feature will be active whenever the browser window is compressed on any device.

When the browser is wide enough to display the entire menu, the page looks like the following example:

When the browser window is too narrow to display the full menu, the menu button () is displayed.

Clicking on the menu button displays the full menu.

(Multiple Android operating system versions were used for these screenshot examples.)

ScreenHubb Dashboard

Initial display:

The main menu can be accessed by clicking the menu button ().

DrugPak Application

Initial display:

After clicking the menu button ().

After clicking into a group in the menu:

Responsive Design

ScreenHubb employs various space-saving techniques.  In the following example of a medium tablet, the Company page's display is identical to the display in a desktop browser.

The same page from ScreenHubb displayed through different-sized screens will condense the display in similar ways;

Medium Screen (Tablet) Small Screen (Smart Phone)

Calendar Display

Drop-Down Menu Display 

(Reason for Test)

Your browser and device control the exact display of ScreenHubb and can differ depending on your exact configuration.  The following example is from an iOS device.