DrugPak Report List

DrugPak comes with all the essential reports for running your Drug & Alcohol testing program

The DrugPak Advanced Reporting add-on provides an extended library of powerful reports for more advanced programs and business needs.

*These marked reports are also available in Client Portal.

Core Reports

Bulk Participant List
DOT MIS Report (by Company)
DOT MIS Report (by Consortium)
Excused Randoms
Follow Up Testing Notification Letter
Follow Up Testing Report*
Invoice Summary (requires Billing)
Invoices (requires Billing)
MRO Verification Worksheet
Participant List*
Randoms Selection List
Random Selection Alternates
Random Selection Certification Letter
Random Selection Eligible Pool
Random Selection Excused Tests
Random Selection Incomplete Tests
Random Selection Notification Letters*
Random Selection Parameters
Random Selection Participant Summary
Result Letters*
Training Report

Advanced Reporting Module

Collection Sites List
Collection Site Snapshot
Collection Site Usage Report
Collection Site Contacts List
Company Contacts List
Companies In Group List*
Companies List*
Company Site Usage
DOT MIS Audit (By Company)
DOT MIS Audit (By Consortium)
Global Randoms Selection List
Global Selection Alternates
Groups List*
Lab Contacts List
Labs List
Lab Usage Report
Locations List*
Medical Leave Report
MRO List
MRO Contacts List
MRO Usage Report
NCMS Report
Occupation List
Random Program Status
Pending Tests
Program Statistics Report (By Company)
Program Statistics Report (By Consortium)
Protocol List
Result List*
Result Turnaround
SAP List
Substance List
TPA List
TPA Contacts List