Manage Email Opt-Out/Opt-In

Email that are sent from ScreenHubb include an Opt Out feature, a link that the recipient can click to go to a web page where they can choose to opt-out of future email sent from ScreenHubb.

After clicking that link a web browser will open and display the Email Management page of ScreenHubb.  The recipient would enter their email address and click the <Manage> button.

The next page will display the current status for that email address in ScreenHubb's Email Management, if it is or is not currently opted out of receiving email.  Clicking the <Opt Out> button will change the status of that email address.

ScreenHubb will not send email to any address that has selected to opt-out.  If email are created for an email address that has opted out (including reports, request to reset password and any other email from ScreenHubb) the email will not send, and will be recorded as a failed outgoing email in the ScreenHubb Dashboard's Email history tab.

An individual who has opted-out and wants to opt-in again may do so by visiting ScreenHubb's Email Management page at