Reset ScreenHubb Password

The most effective way for any ScreenHubb user, be it a DrugPak user, a Support user, or a Client Portal user, to reset their password is by doing it themselves. This can be achieved by visiting the ScreenHubb login page at

Avoid Spam/Junk/Rejection problems

ScreenHubb sends an email to the User's email address, which is delivered from the email address ' To avoid the possibility of the email being rejected by spam filters, it's recommended to add ' to your email software's Address Book. In some cases, more complex email systems may require the IT staff that manages the email system to "white-list" or "trust" the sending email address of ' to make sure that the emails are not rejected.

Reset Your ScreenHubb Password

  1. Enter into the address field of your web browser.

  2. At the login page, click the link labeled "Forgot your password?". 
  3. A window will display with a field to enter your email address.  After entering the address, click the <Reset Password> button.
  4. An email will be sent to the email address from "".
  5. Click the link "Please click here".  Clicking this link will reset the account, and a new password can be established for access to ScreenHubb.

For information about password requirements for ScreenHubb, see the ScreenHubb Password Requirements article.

Email Verification

The first time that a new User is set up in ScreenHubb an invitation is sent to them.  That invitation includes a temporary password.

The recipient can click the link in that email to go to the login page, where they can log in with their email address and the temporary password.  They can also go directly to the ScreenHubb login page at 

See the "New User Verification" article for more information on this topic.