Adding New Users to Your ScreenHubb Account

This method of User management is used for basic access for customers who have created a free ScreenHubb account. Follow these steps to register your additional Users to access the ticket system on your behalf and access Knowledge Center articles which are available only to registered Users. 

Tip: If you already have a DrugPak Web subscription, there are more settings available to configure User access. Learn How.

Only Account Administrators may add Users or assign access to applications


  1. Login to
  2. Click into the Account tab > Users tab 

  3. Click the  button.
  4. The "New User" page will display
  5. In the "Application Access" area turn on the check box for Support Center and any other Application this new User should have access to.
    • Access to Support Center can be assigned to any/every User at no cost.
    • Access to DrugPak and/or MROPro requires a subscription to that application and sufficient available Users to assign access to this User.  See the "Subscription Management" article for information about increasing available Users.
    • Access to Client Portal can only be assigned through the Contact page of a Company in DrugPak.  Client Portal access can NOT be assigned to a User who also has access to DrugPak.  See the "Add Contacts with Client Portal Access" article for more information.
  6. Depending on which Applications are enabled various Permission settings will display.  Turn on the check box for any permission this new User should have.

  7. Participant and Test Filters can be applied that would limit the scope of the User's access.  See the "Filtering" article for information on this topic.
  8. At the top left click <Add User> to save the new User

That's it!  

We will send the new User an email with a confirmation link. When the invited User clicks the confirmation link in their invitation email, they will be taken to a page where they can set up their account password.  For more detail on this process see the "New User Verification" article.  After that, they will be able to access the Knowledge Center articles, the Support Portal, and they can interact with us via email at