Technical Support Overview

ScreenHubb provides a Support Center for Users to manage support issues and seek self-help solutions.   All Users on your account may have access to the DrugPak Support Center.

The DrugPak Knowledge Center provides articles regarding the operation of the software.  Users can search the DrugPak Knowledge Center at any time to learn about the system.  Some information is only available to registered users, but there is also quite a bit of public information there as well.

The DrugPak Support Center provides a Support Ticket system to manage issues.  Tickets can be created at any time in the DrugPak Support Center or by sending an email to (emailed ticket creation is only valid for registered users).

All activities on a ticket, adding notes, or changing statuses, are logged and can be viewed by Users with access to the DrugPak Support Center.  Users assigned to a DrugPak Support Ticket receive e-mail notifications when the ticket is updated.  Users can reply to an email notification, and the ticket will be updated with the response.

All changes to ticket status are logged.