Drugpak Web Users 

Your DrugPak Web subscription includes one user.

Additional Users

Additional users are can be purchased with your DrugPak Web subscription or added when needed in the future. Additional users are added via the DrugPak Web Subscription Window.

MRO User

Requires the MRO Pro add-on module. Your MRO PRO add-on module comes with an allowance for one (1) MRO or MRO-assistant Upgrade; This allowance determines how many of your users can be assigned the role of Medical Review Officer, or MRO Assistant. Only MROs and MRO Assistant users can access the MRO Pro add-on module.  It is important to understand that increasing your MRO Pro User allowance a la carte does not increase the total number of users who can access the system. It only determines how many of your users can be MROs or MRO Assistants.