DrugPak Fee Schedules

Please note that prices are subject to change at any time.

ยป Description Paid Monthly Paid Annually
DrugPak Base-Level subscription  
- One DrugPak User
- 25 GB Data and Document Storage
- 100 Communication Tokens
$350 $3,600
Client Portal A secure web portal for your clients to manage their accounts, download reports and documents, and more. $110 $1,120
MROPro An application for MRO review of Results in DrugPak.  Includes one MROPro User. $110 $1,120
Billing A flexible and powerful price calculation application that can create invoice documents and export billing data. $110 $1,120
Document Manager Features available through DrugPak, Client Portal, and MROPro to upload, link, send, and share documents and other computer files. $110 $1,120
Advanced Reporting Expanded library of report types, report template customization, and report scheduling. $55 $560
Automations Automated pre-configured tasks, including unattended random selection and logic-driven User-configured Workflow Automation rules. $60 $620
Add-Ons Paid Monthly per unit Paid Annually per unit
DrugPak Extra User Additional Users with access to DrugPak (with customizable permissions). $60 $620
MROPro Extra User Additional Users with access to MROPro $15 $180
Data Connection Automated electronic data interchange between DrugPak and data trading partners.  Data Connections are used by DrugPak features to receive result data from laboratories or MROs and to transfer billing data to QuickBooks Online. $60 $720
Comm Token Bundle 1 Comm Token Bundle = (annually) 6000 tokens.  If paid monthly, 500 Comm Tokens are added to the account monthly. $100 $1,200
Extra Data Storage 1 Data Storage Unit = 25 GB. $60 $720
Fax Line A fax number used to receive faxes to be automatically processed into Document Manager $60 $720

Additional Professional Services:

DrugPak provides a wide variety of expert technical and consultative services.  A quote will be provided detailing the work to be performed for any project.  The quote will then require approval and payment before the work is scheduled and performed:
- A one-hour minimum with hourly increments after that
- The cost must be paid in full before work begins.

The following rates apply only for currently active DrugPak accounts:

Service Rate
Training / Consultation $175
Custom Programming $750

**All Custom Programming projects will begin with two (2) hours of Ancillary Services for a discovery phase of the product.  The product of the discovery phase is a Statement of Work (SoW) document that specifies the scope and detail of the project.  An invoice for the project will be issued once the SoW has been approved.  The SoW document will include a project cost and will be valid for ten (10) days from its issuance.  After review, acceptance, provision of any required data or information, and payment, the Custom Programming project will be queued for DrugPak Engineering.