What is DrugPak?

DrugPak is software for managing testing programs.

As the name suggests, DrugPak is primarily focused on drug testing and substance abuse prevention programs.  DrugPak's core features include test result processing and random selection management.  DrugPak can manage a wide range of testing programs with varied reporting needs.

The following is a brief insight into some of DrugPak's features.  To learn more about DrugPak, visit the "DrugPak University" overview articles, or if you do not already have an account in ScreenHubb, go to our Contact Us webpage to request more information.

Result Processing

A primary function of DrugPak is the recording and reporting of test results.

Results can be manually entered into DrugPak or imported through a Data Connection.  After initial entry, a result may be held for review by an MRO or other processing requirements, or the result may be released for reporting.  DrugPak Users may configure automation to specify categories of results that may be automatically processed through to reporting without requiring User review or interaction.

Random Selection Management

Another primary function of DrugPak is generating and managing random selections.

DrugPak offers a highly effective random selection system that meets the requirements of both federally mandated and non-mandated programs.  The system is designed to be completely unbiased and auditable, using pre-configured parameters to quickly and accurately execute random selections.  It also enables the creation of reports, the closure of selections with completed test results, and the management of excused or alternate selections.

Processing and Reporting Systems

DrugPak's comprehensive system streamlines the workflow of all parties involved.  With a database of Companies, Participants, Results, and Vendors, DrugPak's functions for processing results and managing random selections are designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy.  Whether processing typical records or handling special situations, DrugPak provides user-friendly procedures to ensure smooth operations.  The reporting features in DrugPak are designed to meet the basic needs of in-house information or delivering reporting products to customers, while advanced options allow for customization of content, format, and delivery mechanisms.  Optional features like Client Portal website, Billing, Document Manager, and Automations offer labor-saving tools to accomplish critical tasks.  

Accessible and Extendable

DrugPak subscribers are a community of diverse members, including Medical Review Officers, Third Party Administrators, and self-administering organizations.  There are private and public businesses, non-profits, and federal and other government entities using DrugPak.  Small to medium organizations choose from an À la carte menu of DrugPak's standard subscription options.  DrugPak's Enterprise License program caters to larger organizations.