Data Connection Setup - ACM Medical Lab

Result data files provided by ACM Medical Lab for import into DrugPak are sent from ACM Medical Lab to a mail-box that is hosted in ScreenHubb.  When configuring the Data Connection for ACM Medical Lab, after initially saving the setup (in Step #2 below) DrugPak will issue connection credentials that must be provided to ACM Medical Lab so that they can arrange their system to deliver the data to the mail-box.  These credentials (Host, Port, Username, Password) are displayed (in Step #3 below) after saving the setup.

ACM HL7 result data may include screening cutoff levels.

Following the steps from the "Result Data Import Interface Configuration" article access the Import page of the Laboratory record that the Data Connection is to be set up in.

  1. Set the "Lab" to "ACM Medical Lab".  Leave the "File Type" as HL7.

  2. Click the <Save> button.
  3. Copy information provided in the Host, Port, Username, Password fields and provide that information to customer service at ACM Medical Lab
  4. To begin having DrugPak look for data sent from the laboratory click the <Enable It Now> button.