Data Connection Setup - LabCorp

Credentials from LabCorp to download result data files must be entered into DrugPak as part of this setup.  Contact your LabCorp sales representative and inform them that you want to initiate the DrugPak interface OTS-HL7. The sales representative will submit the internal documentation to the appropriate division for initiating and implementing the new interface with DrugPak.  Inform your LabCorp contact that DrugPak accepts the following format: HL7 revision DR004.001

LabCorp may offer connection options, various methods that the data can be delivered.  The preferred method of delivery to DrugPak is SFTP - SSH Hosted by LabCorp.

LabCorp may require that a Secure file transfer Connectivity Options form be completed.  On that form, choose the option "SFTP/SSH Hosted by Labcorp" and provide valid contact information in the Trading Partner Information area so that LabCorp technicians can coordinate with you to provide the credentials.

LabCorp may offer the opportunity to begin with test transfers.  These tests help to illustrate a successful connection.  That test process would require that you configure the LabCorp Data Connection to connect to the test server, then retrieve the test data, and provide feedback to LabCorp that the test was successful or if there was any problem.  After completing the test, then the LabCorp Data Connection can be configured to connect to the production server.  You may opt to bypass the test process and request the credentials for the production server.

Once LabCorp has configured your account for downloading result data then LabCorp will provide you with credentials to access that data, those credentials are entered into the Imports page of the Laboratory record in DrugPak.  The credentials normally include Host, Port, Username, Password and (possibly) Directory.

Following the steps from the "Result Data Import Interface Configuration" article access the Import page of the Laboratory record that the Data Connection is to be set up in.

  1. Select "LabCorp" in the Lab field
  2. Enter the communication credentials that were provided by LabCorp (Host, Port, User Name, Password, Directory), then click the <Save> button.
  3. To begin having DrugPak look for data sent from the laboratory click the <Enable It Now> button.