Data Connection Setup - Caduceus

Credentials from Caduceus to download result data files must be entered into DrugPak as part of this setup.  Contact your customer service representative at Caduceus and inform them that you want to initiate the setup of a data transfer to DrugPak.  The customer service representative will submit the internal documentation to the appropriate division for initiating and implementing the new interface with DrugPak.  Inform your Caduceus contact that DrugPak accepts the following format: JSON

Once Caduceus has configured your account for downloading result data then Caduceus will provide you with credentials to access that data, those credentials are entered into the Imports page of the Medical Review Officer record in DrugPak.  The credentials normally include Host, Port, Username, Password and (possibly) Directory.

DrugPak will automatically create MRO and Laboratory vendor records to represent those entities for imported Result records.  This new Vendor represents the information that was imported and should not be deleted.  The new Vendor may be merged with another Vendor record.

Following the steps from the "Result Data Import Interface Configuration" article access the Import page of the Medical Review Officer record that the Data Connection is to be set up in.

  1. Select "Caduceus" in the Lab field

  2. Enter the communication credentials that were provided by Caduceus (Host, Port, User Name, Password, Directory), then click the <Save> button.

  3. To begin having DrugPak look for data sent from the MRO click the <Enable It Now> button.