DrugPak to DrugPak Result Transfer

Any DrugPak account may deliver results to another DrugPak account.  There are prerequisites and configurations for both the DrugPak account that will send the results and the DrugPak account that will receive the results.

Sending DrugPak Account



A Contact must be set up with Client Portal access for the Receiving DrugPak account.  A Report Routing Rule must be added to the Contact for a Result Letter with the delivery option set to SFTP and the format option set to JSON.

At least one Result Letter must be sent to the Receiving DrugPak Account so that they can complete the configuration in their DrugPak.


Once configured, there is no special action required.  When a Result Letter would normally be issued for the Contact, a data file will be created and delivered to the SFTP resource available to the receiving DrugPak account.

Receiving DrugPak Account


  • Must have one Data Connection available on the DrugPak Subscription.
  • Prior to configuring DrugPak to receive data, at least one Result must be reported from the Sending DrugPak to the Receiving DrugPak.  The creation of this initial report establishes the folder where the Receiving DrugPak will retrieve files.


An MRO Vendor must be set up with import settings to retrieve the Result Letters from the SFTP resource.

  • Lab - ScreenHubb Internal
  • Host - services.screenhubb.com
  • Port - 34000
  • User Name and Password will be the email address of the Client Portal User that was established for the Receiving DrugPak account as a Contact in the Sending DrugPak account.
  • Directory - /Reports/Result Letters

Selecting the "Directory"

To select the Directory, after entering the Host, Port, User Name, and Password (before clicking on <Save>), click the <Browse> button.  Clicking the <Browse> button will initiate a connection from the DrugPak Server to the SFTP folder and display that connection in a pop-up window.  Normally, the "Reports" folder will display.  Double-click into the Reports folder to observe the "Result Letters" folder.  Double-click into the Result Letters folder, then click the <Save> button at the bottom of the pop-up window.  (A Result Letters folder will only exist if the Sending DrugPak account has issued at least one Result Letter in preparation for this configuration.) 

Click the <Save> button at the bottom of the Import page to save the new settings. 

Click the <Enable It Now> button at the top of the Import page to initiate the cycle.  The first process to retrieve result data will automatically initiate within the following 30 minutes.


Once configured, DrugPak will receive result data, and new Result records will automatically be added to the Result Work Area.  See the "Result Import Overview" and "Processing Imported Results" articles for information on working with imported Result records.

Variable Code Matching

Result records imported into DrugPak include variable codes such as account numbers, phone numbers, and other values to identify Companies, Collection Sites, Laboratories, and MROs.  DrugPak does not automatically recognize these codes and needs information to connect the imported data with the data in DrugPak.  A Data Connection in DrugPak uses two methods to associate the imported values.

Companies and Collection Sites use the same system: Import Site Matching.  This flexible system offers two options for linking data: remembering User actions for future automation or relying on pre-entered values of account number and telephone number.

Because Laboratories and MROs are less frequently added or changed, a less flexible but easy-to-use code-matching function is used.  In this system, when a new Laboratory or MRO is encountered in the import data, DrugPak will automatically create a new vendor record to represent that party.  The new Laboratory or MRO record may be modified by changing the name or adding notes, or the new record may be merged into an existing vendor.

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