Result Data Import Site Matching

NOTE: This feature requires a Data Connection subscription option. For info on how to add a Data Connection to your subscription see the Subscription Management article.


Site Matching is the feature of DrugPak's Result Import that associates the imported Result record with appropriate Company & Collection Site records in DrugPak based on the imported data.

DrugPak provides two methods of Site Matching;

  • Code Matching - Initially a result would be imported where the value is unknown.  A DrugPak User would manually assign the value to that Result record.  DrugPak will learn from the data entry and create a match between the imported information and the value that the DrugPak User had assigned.
  • Account/Phone Matching - Imported values will be assigned based on Lab Account numbers that can be entered into a Company record, or by the Collection Site Phone Number that can be added to a Collection Site record.

Each Data Connection provides options for Company and Collection Site to match using either method.

This article provides information about using the methods of Site Matching:

Code Matching


Code Matching relies on a DrugPak User receiving a result, manually assigning a value, and releasing that result in order to teach DrugPak the relationship between the imported data and the record to match to in DrugPak.  Before Code Matching can automatically assign a Company or Collection Site to an imported Result record the following steps must occur;

  1. A Result record must be imported into DrugPak that includes an example of the value to be linked (i.e. new Company, new Collection Site). 
  2. The Result record in the Result Work Area must be manually assigned the appropriate value. 
  3. The Result record must be Released from the Result Work Area. 
    During the process of releasing a result, DrugPak updates Site Matching values to use with future imported result data.

After the manually modified Result record has been released from the Result Work Area, then DrugPak will learn from the modifications that were made to the Result record, and will use the Site Mapping to fill in those fields for result data that is imported after that point.

NOTE: If an imported value has been matched to two or more values in DrugPak, then, NO value will be filled in by Code Matching.  See "Disable Matching" below.

The DrugPak Setting "Auto Link Companies" can be used to apply a new Company Site Mapping to other new Result records that were imported at the same time that the new Company Site Mapping is created.

Creating a New Site Match

When a Result record has been imported into DrugPak and any of the matched values (Company or Collection Site) are empty, then those values must be filled in manually.

Filling in that missing information is the foundation to establishing the Site Mapping.

After completing any other processing with the Result record, then Release it.  Once the Result record has released then any Site Mapping that was part of the record will be saved for future use.

Disable Matching

It may be desired that some codes in the imported result data do not automatically get assigned a value by DrugPak.  For example, a "House" account that is used for testing for various, multiple Companies.

To disable matching for a code, assign two matches to the same imported code.

In other words, if an imported Result record has been automatically assigned a Company or Collection Site by Code Matching, but a different value should be assigned to the Result record, simply make that change and release the Result record.  This will result in two matches in DrugPak for the same imported code.

When there are two or more Site Mapping for the same code, then DrugPak will not automatically assign a the value, and instead it will leave the value empty, to be manually filled in.

Correcting Incorrect Matches

Existing mappings can be viewed in a Laboratory or Medical Review Officer record, in the "Imports" page under "Collection Site Mappings" and "Company Mappings".

Existing Matches may be deleted.  Matches may not be edited, only deleted.

Account/Phone Matching

Account/Phone Matching relies on lab account or telephone number values that have been entered into a Company record or Collection Site record prior to the result data being imported into DrugPak.  

NOTE: If two or more records have the same Account/Phone then DrugPak will not automatically assign any value to the imported Result record that matches the value.

Company record > Lab Accounts

The Company record > Lab Accounts page provides an interface to link a Laboratory to a Company, and then enter that Company's account numbers for that lab.  These numbers may be used by the result import process to identify the Company based on the Account Number included in the imported data.

Collection Site Phone

The Collection Site record > Details page provides an interface to add Address records.  The Phone number is one part of an Address.  The Collection Site may have multiple addresses with different phone numbers for each.