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Technical Support

This Knowledge Center is a component of our overall Technical Support program. We are working hard to ensure that all the answers to your most common questions can be found right here.
For more complicate issues, we offer a robust technical support portal for users to manage their support issues.


ScreenHubb is a web application platform and EDI hub for the HR, employment screening, health, and safety sectors.
DrugPak Web , MRO Pro, the Marketplace, and our Technical Support system, including this Knowledge Center, all run on the ScreenHubb platform.

 DrugPak Web

Our fully-hosted, cloud-based system DP Web offers the same core  functionality as our desktop software, in a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. Offering powerful new automation features, DP Web offers an integrated B2B marketplace, and many more new features, you can access from any modern browser, tablet, or mobile phone

 DrugPak Classic

A true, classic, the DrugPak Classic Software Suite has been North America's most popular drug & alcohol testing system for 30 years. 
With powerful client/server database engine, scientifically valid random selections, anyone can set up a DOT-compliant testing system. Power features include scriptable result import, document management, fax-modem interface, TWAIN scanning, powerful filter-based reporting, encrypted email, and much more!