Sample JSON File

DrugPak includes an optional capability to have result data files transferred from a source (a laboratory or an MRO) into DrugPak, where they can be reviewed by a DrugPak user prior to being finalized.

The ability to import data files into DrugPak is part of the subscription option "Data Connections".

Data Format

A laboratory or MRO can transfer drug and alcohol test result data to DrugPak Users via our JSON file format.  A sample of this JSON file format is available from the following link:

Download Sample JSON File

The current version of DrugPak's Result Data Connection format is 1.7.  As new versions are developed, trading partners may continue to send data in the old format as long as they continue to use the same version number.  

  • NOTE: Result data that includes the "MroVerification" section must include the "ID" value to represent the MRO who verified the test.  ex. ID=1 corresponds to Name="Dr. John Doe", ID=2 corresponds to Name="Dr. Susan Smith".
  • NOTE: Result data that includes the "MroVerification" section must include the "LabCode" value for DrugPak to establish the basis for mapping Company and Collection Site data.  If the "MroVerification" section is included and the "LabCode" value is omitted, DrugPak Users cannot use the site name, account, or telephone numbers to automatically link the imported data with Company and Collection Site records in DrugPak.

Data Delivery

DrugPak hosts an SFTP service where the laboratory or MRO may upload files.  Alternatively, files may be manually uploaded from the DrugPak User's local device.

The DrugPak configuration to support this import is based on the setting labeled "ScreenHubb SFTP" in the Import settings of the laboratory or MRO record in DrugPak.  After selecting "ScreenHubb SFTP" in the Lab setting, the File Type setting will automatically be set to "JSON", and SFTP credentials (Host, Port, Username, and Password) will be generated for the DrugPak User to provide to the laboratory or MRO.

Once a DrugPak user has configured the Import Setup and enabled the Data Connection, DrugPak will automatically retrieve data files, process the data into Result records in DrugPak, and provide those records to the DrugPak user for review and finalization.  The initial retrieval of data may take up to 30 minutes to complete.  Subsequent queries for new files are executed every 10 minutes.


DrugPak LLC provides custom programming services to create customized Data Connections to support special import functions, alternate delivery methods, and different data formats.  For information about establishing a custom result data import function, please send an email to