Configuring a Generic Result Data Import

DrugPak's Result Data Import function has custom translations for a number of Trading Partners (laboratories and MROs) which are described in the menu of "Data Connection Setup Instructions".

A generic result data format is also available.  This format can be used by any Trading Partner to provide result data for import into DrugPak.

In order for a DrugPak account to enable importing result data from a generic source, a "Data Connection" must be included in the subscription to use with the import setup.

A Trading Partner that intends to deliver result data to a DrugPak account must produce the data file in the JSON format as specified in the "Standard JSON Lab Import" article.  (This article is publicly available and does not require login to ScreenHubb to access and can be shared with a 3rd party data source.)

DrugPak's generic result data import provides an SFTP folder that the Trading Partner can upload files to.  The credentials to access the SFTP resource are made available as part of configuring the Laboratory or MRO record in DrugPak with the Data Connection.

To configure a Laboratory or MRO record in DrugPak for the result data import, follow the steps described in the "Result Data Import Interface Configuration" article.  At step #4 from those instructions, select the ScreenHubb SFTP option from the Lab field and JSON from the File Type field (as illustrated in the image above).

After saving the new import settings, DrugPak will provide credentials for the SFTP; Host, Port, User Name, and Password for the SFTP folder that Result data may be uploaded to.

DrugPak Support can assist with troubleshooting result data import through the ScreenHubb Generic format through custom consulting services.  Standard DrugPak Support Services do not apply to troubleshooting problems in the generic result data import.

DrugPak LLC provides Custom Programming services to create custom import functions or to work with a customized variation of the standard JSON format.  For information about establishing a custom result data import function, please submit a ticket to DrugPak Support.

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