Support Tickets

Requesting assistance from DrugPak Support is accomplished through submitting a ticket through the Support Center.

Topics in this article:

Accessing the Support Ticket System

Lot into ScreenHubb  at https:\\  Click into the Support Center from the menu at the top of the page.

The Support Center can also be accessed from the menu available at the top-right of any page in ScreenHubb.

Once in the Support Center click into "Tickets" from the main menu.

The Tickets page will be displayed.

From the ticket page you can:

  • Create a new ticket (click the <New Ticket> button)
  • Search existing tickets (see the "Searching" article for information on how to use ScreenHubb's search features)
  • Apply filters to the list of existing tickets (see the "Filtering" article for information on how to use ScreenHubb's filter features)

Create a New Ticket

After clicking the <New Ticket> button the "New Ticket" window will display.

Please provide as much information about the question/problem as possible to help expedite a quick and complete response from DrugPak Support.

After entering information into the fields and a description of the question/problem in the Detail section click the <Create Ticket> button to submit the ticket.


The Subject text is helpful to both you and to DrugPak Support Technicians to easily identify the topic of the ticket.  Remember that you will have access to the history of your tickets and so you may want to reference some information that was provided to you in a ticket in the past, and so making the Subject clearly reflect the topic of the ticket will make it easier to find that ticket in the future.


The Product and Component fields are linked.  The easiest way to set these values is to select from the Component list, then the Product value will automatically be filled in.  Selecting a Product/Component value appropriate for the context of the ticket will help to ensure the ticket is quickly and effectively addressed, and also can make it easy to find the ticket in the future by using ticket filters.


Assigning a Severity level appropriate to the context of the ticket will help to ensure the ticket is addressed properly.  If all tickets are assigned the "Emergency" or "System Down" severity then DrugPak Support Technicians cannot properly identify those tickets that merit immediate response.  A typical support ticket would merit a Severity of "Medium", a minor request for information would merit a "Low" Severity.  "Emergency" and "System Down" should be used only where the matter of the ticket is urgent.

Operating System

Selecting an Operating System may be helpful in many cases where a technical issue might be related to the operating system in which the issue was encountered.

Adding Attachments or Modifying/Updating a Ticket

You can then add additional comments by clicking the <New Comment> button, and you can view or add attachments to the ticket by clicking the <View/Add Attachments> button.

After a ticket has been submitted you will receive an email to confirm that the ticket was created.

After DrugPak Support replies to your ticket you will receive an email that contains the reply.

You can respond to the ticket by replying to that email.  You can also view the response from DrugPak Support in the ticket in the Support Center, and post your own response there as well.

If the issue has been resolved please add a new comment to let us know and we will close the ticket.  If you take no action the ticket will automatically close after a few days.